Mentalist Rod Robison
will bring your corporate event to life.

This is not magic, it’s Mentallusions.

Mentalist vs. Magician

Mentalism is magic of the mind.

While a magician tricks your eye, a mentalist engages and reads your mind. Imagine one of your guests opening a book to any page and simply thinking about a word on that page. In seconds, Rod reveals the very word she is merely thinking of.

Rod Robison’s Mentallusions is an interactive show full of humor, illusion, and mind-bending mentalism. As a mentalist, Rod doesn’t keep his tricks up his sleeves.  What he needs to entertain your guests is already in their heads – minds eager to believe the impossible and ready to take a journey they will remember a lifetime.

Invite mentalist Rod Robison to perform Mentallusions at your next event.

Your guests will be in awe and disbelief as they thank you for the experience!

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